Kip Jones

KIP JONES, an American by birth, has been studying and working in the UK for more than 20 years.
Under the umbrella term of 'arts-led research', his main efforts have involved developing tools
from the arts and humanities for use by social scientists in research and its impact on a wider
public or a Perfomative Social Science.

Jones was Reader in Performative Social Science and Qualitative Research at
Bournemouth University for 15 years.
He is now a Visiting Scholar and and an independent author and scholar.

Kip has produced films and written many articles for academic journals and authored chapters
for books on topics such as masculinity, ageing and rurality, and older LGBT citizens.
Jones' most recent work involves working with Generation Z youth to tell their stories using
social media.
His ground-breaking use of qualitative methods, including Auto-fiction, biography
and auto-ethnography, and the use of tools from the arts in social science research
and dissemination are well-known.

Jones acted as Author and Executive Producer of
the award-winning short film, RUFUS STONE, funded by Research Councils UK.
The film is now available for free viewing on the Internet
and has been viewed by more than 14,000 people in 150 countries.

Areas of expertise
• Close relationships, culture and ethnicity
• Social psychology, sociology
• Ageing, self and identity
• Interpersonal processes, personality,
individual differences,
social networks, prejudice and stereotyping
• Sexuality and sexual orientation
• Creativity and the use of the
arts in Social Science

Media experience
His work has been reported widely
in the media, including:
BBC Radio 4,BBC TV news,Times
Higher Education, Sunday New
York Times, International
and The Independent.

Monday, 7 December 2015

“Social Media for Academics” Lunchtime Taster Session

Ever wondered about social media for academics? Join us for an informal chat about the possibilities on Friday 8 January in Room 508 Royal London House, Lansdowne Campus, Bournemouth University 12:30-2:00 p.m. 

Feel free to bring your lunch.

This will be a great way to finish up HSS’s ‘Writing Week’ with some practical tips on reaching wider audiences with your outputs through the likes of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc/ and/or your own personal blog or other blogs and web-based publications already up and running.

This will also be a ‘Taster Session’ for the upcoming “Creative Writing for Academics” two-day workshop in February. It is not necessary to be booked for that, however, but rather an opportunity to get an idea of what you might explore further at that workshop.

Kip Jones, who made London School of Economics’ list of favourite academic tweeters, will run the Taster Session. Kip was also listed among JISC’s 50 most influential UK higher education professionals on social media.

What they say at JISC: “Kip’s blog, ‘KIPWORLD’, covers a wide range of topics from advice on writing a PhD thesis to insight into his creative process. He regularly uses his blog, Facebook and Twitter to share his research (with) others.

Kip also contributes to the LSE Impact blog, LSE Review of Books, Discovery Society, Sociological Imagination, Creative Quarter, The Creativity Post and the Bournemouth University Research Blog.

Mark your calendars today so that you don’t forget the date over the holidays!

Social Media for Academics: Friday, 8 January, 12:30 RLH 508

Note: This session is mostly for academics at BU, but feel free to crash it if you'd like.

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